Quepos’ carnival!

As we say in French “Le moment tant attendu est arrive”, finally we were able to see a celebration with bright colors, as we had seen the signs around town. From the boat we could hear the musicians train at night and this time it was getting louder with a crowd growing hence we couldn’t resist the pull. Quickly we jumped in the dinghy with a banana bread in the oven and Benjamin playing in the surf to Valerie’s concern. I will eliminate you the suspense, both escaped without any wear and tear.

The Carnival reminded us of the influence of the slaves on Central America, the music had some good Caribbean beat, and the dances derived from ancestral rhythm. You can see it in the population every day; the racial mix is a more blatant than in previous country. We enjoyed the demonstration and made our way back to the boat, passing through the fishing tournament final party, though we didn’t stay because we had no idea if all onboard were okay (meaning a burnt banana bread or Benjamin safe back onboard) arrgh the motherly instinct… You would think from previous experience that the party would have gone all night long, but no everybody disappeared and we didn’t hear any more noise all night.

Not the best video but it will give you a good idea of the rhythm.