Manuel Antonio Park

Sunday afternoon was like a zoo when we arrived to Manuel Antonio Park. The National geographic boat was anchored nearby, the locals in their yacht treat the beach like a private club, and the rangers were behaving like mall cops. With all this display of tourism around we couldn’t hear the sound of the howling monkeys nor see a flight of parrots; even Benjamin on his recognition mission didn’t see a living thing, was this a sign? And with that said instead of all the animals noise around we were put to bed with a heavy “monsoon” type of rain, we had read that this type of weather can happen anytime in this region which is always perfect for the rigging!

Around dinner time plans were being made for the next morning, we were debating as to take a guide or not, and were looking forward to our quest in the jungle paths. So as the sun rose bright and early on Monday we all got our gears together to beat the crowd and ready for a good hike! Only detail we didn’t remember, was that the park is closed on Monday. As we were starting our hike and following the path a park ranger stopped us and told us we couldn’t go any further… A bit disappointed we picked up all our belongings and decided to sail away. In the end we have nothing much to say about Manuel Antonio apart from the fact that the beaches look crowded (when it’s opened) and according to our guide book due to its popularity and traffic many animals have fled away. In reality Manuel Antonio is one of the top tourist’s destinations in Central America, and we can see why: beautiful white sandy beach, and luxuriant vegetation.

Where are we then? We are in Bahia Uvita where we arrived just before sunset. It is a beautiful beach 30 miles south, with the jungle coming right to the beach. This should get some of our attention; we can hear the animals calling already….

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  1. Hi Guys, again and again, Thanx for the Great Updates.
    Hard to find a dull day in your life….Keep up the Great Reporting.

    Sayonara from almost springy Nippon.

  2. Thanks Yap, like we say if we like it we stay if not we move the house.

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