Baja Drake

What a beautiful place, the legend has that Sir Drake careened his boat for some repair here. Some say, no he only stop at the island 10 miles ashore, never the less this place hasn’t changed much since. The government owns all the land around and has put some drastic restriction on construction and any […]


Our daily routine has gotten us to swim again regularly, and one thing we realized, we’ve been missing it. Indeed, since the sea of Cortez the conditions have not been conducive. But ever since we arrived in Costa Rica, we have been waking up and going to bed to one of those refreshing and non-painful […]

Manuel Antonio Park

Sunday afternoon was like a zoo when we arrived to Manuel Antonio Park. The National geographic boat was anchored nearby, the locals in their yacht treat the beach like a private club, and the rangers were behaving like mall cops. With all this display of tourism around we couldn’t hear the sound of the howling […]

Quepos’ carnival!

As we say in French “Le moment tant attendu est arrive”, finally we were able to see a celebration with bright colors, as we had seen the signs around town. From the boat we could hear the musicians train at night and this time it was getting louder with a crowd growing hence we couldn’t […]

Daily life in Quepos

Being in Quepos means we can now use the public dock hence we don’t have to play with the dinghy in the surf, and we can dress in casual clothes to go to town, quite a bonus in fact! You see you start to derive pleasure from small things when you live on a boat. […]

Quepos City

Yesterday was a very tranquil motor sail for 40 NM, we had time to watch multiple episodes of TV Series or movies, make water, two loads of laundry and even avoid fishing activities. One of those day like at home, when you take care of the unavoidable. We are crossing the ITCZ/pot au noir at […]

Bahia Herradura

In the blink of an eye we got up this morning at 6am might I add, to 20 knots and a leeshore looking a bit too rocky for our taste! Who says it’s all paradise, and lazy mornings sleeping in? This is the second beauty sleep rudely interrupted and we moved to isla Tortuga thinking […]

Playa Curu

What a difference it makes to only sail in 10 knots of wind, you can relax, enjoy the art of angle calculation to get the perfect trajectory and overall rediscover the pleasure to be on a boat. This was our experience while sailing toward Playa Curu, which is one of the smallest conservation park in […]