Puerto Chiapas to Pelanque adventure

We picked-up the car after a cool ride to the airport, at this point it would be safe to say that it was just an introduction lesson to “how to drive in Mexico”. The yellow line is for marking the center of the road contrary to indicating a no pass slower vehicle line. The next day first thing in the morning we left very early, and just arrived to our room as the last ray of light.

In between we had a packed day of 500 km of mountain road, 1 serious attempt of robbery and 2 “amateurish” or we had the right attitude. The road was covered with pot holes, cow herds and parts of road simply washed away, according to us the beauty of Palenque is in the road trip after all! With that said the villages we crossed were a lot more traditional and lived on not much, when you think that we crossed many people carrying the own wood on their shoulders in order to keep the fire going at home.

Anybody who ever drove a car in Mexico will smile at this, everybody else just slow down when you see one next time.

Alps vista superb.

The tradition is alive and well, not for the tourist.

Benjamin thaught he was back in India

And finally the “improvised” barrage, when they started placing stone under the front wheel and we counted few men with their own machette in the middle of no where.

We took an evasive action, lucky we have full coverage with 0% deductible, the car got whacked with a stick a few times and got bruised.

The next two were similar but with less men and as we approached, we smiled, slowed down then let the window a crack open to finally just bolting away…. The effect of surprise was perfect or we were plain lucky either or we are glad to have found a bed and rest our eyes for a good visit tomorrow.


Fortunately one of us had to intervene seriously to get our tanks filled with gasoline, let us add that it was from the side of the road not a regular gas station! Otherwise we might have never made it to Palenque…. The thrill of travelling!