Passage to Costa Rica day 3 to 4

Another uneventful day and night here on Letitgo! We past El Salvador’s border and now in Nicaragua. We feel like a 10 days tour of Europe, 4 countries in 4 days.

The wind comes and play regularly in our sails, with sometimes just enough of a tickle to blow on it so on goes the motor as we don’t like hearing the noise of a sail “banging”. During the early morning one line that holds our dinghy chaffed through which kept us awake for a while and we had to readjust quickly, another thing to remember to check before leaving, you live and learn.

In the last few days Benjamin and I have had funny dreams or hallucinations! It is probably coming from the rhythm of watches with interrupted sleeps, however last night I woke up thinking and feeling someone was sleeping by my side fully clothed with rain gear instead of Laurent! And then while on watch I fell a hand touching me, imagine the surprised scream…Only to realize that Laurent was pulling one of his favorite trick!

Not much traffic around still, we have the ocean to ourselves with all the marine life around to admire. It is interesting to see how our days go by and alternate smoothly between sunrises and sunsets.