New Year in Acapulco!

Our position of anchorage is 16.50.942N 099.51.530W, this one will put you right on target for an amazing show in 40 feet of water. Get ready for an amazing show that will blow your socks off, well almost… Truly, the bay will become alive, filled with lights, music and lots of people (I mean lots) on the beach laughing and ready to have a good time. If you decide to come to Acapulco for the fireworks, know that in the bay there are only few boats mostly motor boats and yachts which turns out to be a good thing since they all have their own Captain; that’s right it makes for a much more civilized and sober traffic, on water a factor you get to appreciate! As you know if you read this blog regularly, Mexicans don’t need an excuse to let loose, and we will leave it to your imagination as to what happened in the early hours of 2014, let’s just say they don’t go home when the show is over, the party just began…

As the tradition goes the Letitgo family wishes you all the best for 2014

Realize you dream in good health, nothing else needed.


We had found a great spot though it might have been a little too close for comfort…

As you can see the barge was only 20 meters away from us and just came a mere 2 meters from our bow while in transfer.


Sun dried tomato risotto, accompanied by a pan fried curried Mahi Mahi

For the bottle we will let you guess…

Cher père, Il n’y en a plus… juste au cas où ?

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  1. waooooooh! nice set up guys….bit close..esp Mexico style heck! HAPPY NEW YEARS SWEET FAMILY!! ps no huge write ups this year? oh man…..x

  2. you bet nobody to tell you where to anchor, you like to raft to the barge be my guest .

  3. Debbie Nathan says:

    Wishing you all a very happy 2014, I don’t need to say live your dreams, as I know you are already, but I send my love and let you know I miss you all.

  4. Thanks Debbie, all the best for this New year lots of Sailing

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