La galette des rois?

Last year we looked at them, but this year we didn’t… Epiphany was celebrated onboard! You see in France we used to have a “galette des rois” (a rich puff pastry filled with marzipan) and one “fève” hidden inside. First time Benjamin bit in his slice he got the “fève” so we knew who was the King! That’s how it works in the French tradition, but then Valerie got another one to our surprise, and I got one too… So now we are confused… The tradition must be slightly different on the meaning, or due to the number of kids in a traditional Mexican family they have, it increased the chance and everybody is a winner.

This website enables you to see the winds “live” all around the world. And if you want to know why we are waiting, just observe the wind out of the golf of Tehuantepec it is the thinner land part in the South of Mexico. For today the winds are predicted at 50 knots and knowing that the model doesn’t take in consideration local topography, you can add an extra 20%… It is indeed a hurricane blowing 5 days out of 7 and 2 days off during 3 months of winter. Our next leg is 250 nautical miles and we calculated that by leaving at 3am tomorrow morning this should put us 60 hours later in port, when the winds have substantially died, this is our first time making so scientific calculation.

As for Huatulco, we can officially tell you all it is the one place we really disliked in Mexico. You are a dollar sign and they have every scams in their books going on, the hustlers are aggressive, the people not their usual pleasant and don’t have a sense of community. Even the market, is not one but only a tourist junk trap, when we arrived at the dock this morning to pick up our dinghy it had been stuck in between all the pangas! So we had to escape between the hulls of a catamaran posted there, I know you will get a kick off that one Emma…. So off we go, we have already checked out with the port Captain who typed out our paper works… It’s becoming real serious now.


If you are interested in checking those winds out have a look at: