Huatulco, Santa Cruz Playa

We pulled into Bahia de Huatulco, at around 8.00 this morning. After a quick shower, we made our way to the port captain, and it’s becoming a lot more formal once you are out of the “cruisers’ zone’. The office is manned by multiple ranks of officers, uniforms are well pressed and there is just lot more paper works to fill, compare to what we have been used to.

The set-up of the harbor is very cute and well done in Santa Cruz Playa (for the cruisers there is a fuel dock available so bring your jugs!) a walk around those parts made us discover that it’s been completely built for tourists. And within a few minutes we found the bus, and went to La Crucecita where we had the best quesadillas for lunch, some with flowers of zucchini. This time of the year there is the tradition Pan de Reyes so evidently we didn’t resist buying one…

Well it’s 14.00, and our eyes are getting foggy, it’s siesta time to recuperate from 3 days at sea in gentle condition.