Home sweet home.

We are back on Letitgo, in a warmer climate with only a long explanation at the car rental desk. Our last day on the road was a breeze; we left San Cristobal at 8am and were back in Tapachula by 1pm. What a difference it makes when you use the paying highway and the main road! This trip was 1500 kilometers in total, if you never dreamt of driving in Paris or New York, or never enjoyed car rallies on TV, in that case the bus might be a better option for you. Although we still would recommend to rent a car for the enjoyment of your own freedom and also because driving through authentic villages is what makes your trip that much richer and colorful.

At this point, if there was one thing we would reconsider it would be this: Instead of cutting from “pin A” below between Comitan and Ocosingo via the small route, we would definitely follow route #190 toward San Cristobal then turn right toward Palenque. Albeit we made this trip in 4 days to reduce cost, if we were to do it again we would probably divide the first leg in two days on our way to Palenque then we would sleep in Comitan, this would avoid fatigue and such a long drive.

This last inland trip was a great complement to our overall vision of Mexico, and it showed us another side we don’t have a chance to see from the boat. Needless to add this is highly recommended by us on Letitgo.


Military escort on our way back. Do you notice how in both photos the slow moving vehicule is on the shoulder even the military truck!

What best way to optimize cost : Two lanes now become four at your whim!


Those are the mountains we drove through on the first day drive; we were really far away this time.

On our last evening in San Cristobal, we were able to shot a few pictures. As we mentioned before the architecture has been kept to its original, you will find lots of small restaurants with various types of cuisine. It is worth mentioning we had some of the best pizza of our life at pizzeria del punto, and we also we stayed at the hostal el Rincon de los Camellos it is a fun quaint place, well decorated, cheap for the cruising budget and perfectly situated. One last word remember to check the temperatures before you leave as it can get really cold…


You remember without a doubt the small black dress from Guadalajara!

Here is the original store and the embroidery is local. Yes you guessed it, Valerie got an adorable numero 2.

Lastly Emma those pictures are for you!

A latte in the street (notice le petit coeur pour notre petit coeur a Victoria?), a cool bug and finally a movie on the side of a building.

You have been in our thoughts the entire trip because we know how much you would have loved this place.

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  1. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve learned how to do the hearts now in my lattes x

  2. Well you are a big girl, good time to learn to impress the mate

  3. Love the night time photos with the yellow glow. (as opposed to the usual flash light blight)
    Good luck on the journey, xo Monika

  4. Thanks Monika

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