From Palenque to San Cristobal

Before anything, let us reassure you today was a much less eventful day, indeed no banditos’ stop which made for a rather smooth day! There was nonetheless one stop from the army similar to the ones we encountered yesterday four times. They pointed toward the crumbled part of the car and asked for explanation, also our propane tank seems to require a bit of dialogue, and truly it is not every day tourist’s travel with these!

In the morning we were on for a real historical treat filled with beautiful artifacts and art. We visited Palenque ruins with a guide and then the museum, we were impressed by both, it was a perfect introduction to Maya’s history and sites. After 4 hours’ drive we have now arrived in San Cristobal, at a rather high altitude 2285 meter, it is a lot cooler than what we are now used to…

Valerie negotiated us a nice room, with vibrant colors for the mere price of 360 pesos for 3 people, very different from the standards of the “W” Emma, but we think of you and know that you would love it. This is our first time ever staying at a hostel, we have to adjust to new standards, and we love it; it is full of charms; the only thing is we need to remember to bring our own soap.

Now let’s go for a photo tour of the day, there is no better words than a picture!


We slept in the jungle last night, just at the entrance of the archeological site, there was no window just a mesh.

Zapatis are alive and around; still very defiant of the government.

As if a crumbling road with villagers and children walking along side the road is not enough

Now we needed another obstacle to our trip: the fog!

Sample of traditional wear, with beautiful colors.


This is the way you go around and transport the goods in between big city.


Our snack this afternoon: tiny bananas purchased from the side of the road, simply delicious.

Mayan writing

The detail in the work is just amazing dating from 685BC

Funeral mask and Jade jewelry

No! we are not in Egypt.

The Palenque site is surrounded by water and aqueducs were built to control the flow.

The two main buildings from the site, what we visited represents only 5% of the all antique city.

The rest is still burried under the jungle as nature took over.

Dad no worry, the tradition live on. Cher pere le guide bleu n’est jamais loin.

The vegetation is kept at bay with daily work.


And finally:

Our room for the next two nights, Benjamin is sleeping in the mezzanine.