Day two to Huatulco

One more night should bring us to port by tomorrow. The wind is on our side and our favor,the engine having to come on only for a few hours. This is not a bad deal compare to the forecast we had reviewed before departure so we are not complaining but just happily sailing along. So far we have been experimenting every sailing point of sail, and it’s a good thing we have the reflex to put our preventer on and avoid that accidental gybe.

We even did a 440 degrees turn, with no major noise… Lucky, one of us was awake and noticed it rapidly so we didn’t go back to Acapulco. For you Emma we had a thought while passing in front of Puerto Escundido! Fortunately it is not the season for surfing, there was no major swell that developed that perfect wave in the summer.

Time for one of this gastronomic dinner, ramen noodle, Tapioca, and Mashed potatoes tonight. Like a restaurant we each have our craving on multi day trip.