Day two Tehuantepec

After this rather challenging 12 hours, the gulf has decided to teach us another lesson. We now are in a no wind situation on flat sea, here we are bobbing around. Why didn’t the wind god of whatever religion manage the region? analyze the weather files like we did and put the fan on and man the dimmer… Mother Nature at its best.

Last night we had to turn on the engine and as we were doing so, one of them decided to check if we were awake, as it was not putting out water when we started it. To make it more fun of course all of this happen at sun set while the light was diminishing rapidly, I jumped in the engine compartment, the impeller was good, we rinsed the raw water filter and when we switched it back on, it came back to life at full swing, phew! Yet another mystery of the Tehuantepec. Good thing that at our next stop we will be doing the oil change and yearly complete checkup.

So far, all the “scientific” calculations we did a few days ago even while adding a few hours for safety, were not so accurate. Indeed we will not make it before dark to our destination. Never before this has happened, next time we will stick to the more accurate method of eye bowling it. In other words as every sailors will say, no timing just take it as it comes… Another lesson learnt!