La vie a Playa del Coco

Once the paperwork is processed, it is time to settle down and make your first steps into the assimilation. For us in a country this means getting an internet stick, indeed what better way to get your first people bath, looking for shops in the streets and asking questions. We had tried yesterday to locate […]

Paperwork Day

As you know yesterday was mostly dedicated to some R&R, a deep sleep night without too many strange dreams… Bright and early we woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the next step every cruiser has to do when they land in a new country: P A P E R W O R K and […]

En route day 2 to 3

We are officially in the territorial waters of El Savador. About 50 nautical miles out of Golfo de Fonseca, where we had considered stopping but after our last meteo update, and a good crew talk we decided to keep going; we will make it straight to Costa Rica! We had a more chaotic night, with […]

Day 1 Guatemala

Old Volcanoes, big fire producing on a thick obscuring screen and one busy commercial port. Those will be our souvenirs of Guatemala viewed from the boat. We reached the border at sunset and by the time you read this, we should be in El Salvador’s territorial waters. The wind has been a little more present […]

Good bye!

In Puerto Chiapas, the way out of Mexico is easy, all you need is to have your paperwork’s in order and you are cleared within the hour, it is that easy! Guillermo will prepare everything in the comfort of an air conditioned office and drive you around the different officials. The name of the game […]