Wandering in the streets of Melaque

When your time is counted, your mind is focused, well, that’s what we learnt in management training and it still applies nowadays. Because we know that we are not coming back here and counting by the day our stay in Melaque. There are no better time than now to invite Maria “The Queen of Tamales” and her family onboard. Fortunately for them the surf was gentle with us and we had everybody in and out nice and dry! Phew… Melaque’s break can be vicious at time…

Once more we discovered a lot about the daily local life and the culture, the evolution of the country. In the end we all share the same questions of the essence of life and we all are on the same quest, truly it is one’s personal choices and outlook on life that will guide you on the path to live happily. Maria shared with us the surprise she had: Two months ago she became Grand-Ma from her daughter who is just sixteen years old, sadly it is an occurrence still common in Mexico. Then again, with a smile she will tell you “Es la vida!” and life must go on; next to Maria’s tamales stand there is now an extension and the young parents are selling here ice-cream cones, as you can see it is not a free ride!

Though it seems that for 10 pesos of rent per night, you can get good ratio on a P&L. We will have more photos and narrative soon, as we have been invited to cook Tamales at her house on Monday: her day off. I don’t know if Valerie is going to be able to sleep tonight…

As the sun was coming down, we started roaming the street as usual. Benjamin had mentioned that Piñatas are a tradition for Christmas, low and behold in a back street we found a lady making them by hand. It takes Rosa two days of precise labor for a big one, there are lots of silk paper to be glued to the cardboard cone. The ones with ten spikes represent Jesus, Marie, Joseph and the apostles; they are then filled with candies mandarins and nuts! Nice way to get the kids hyper for a few hours.

Look at all these colours

Most times we only take picture of special things, but not the everyday life, so tonight I made an effort without flash to just capture the essence of Melaque’s Saturday night routine.

Let’s go for a walk.

On the square, you will find a plaster coloring station for the younger ones, while the teenagers are smoothing on the bench or at the beach swimming in the dark in pack with a few beers.

Want a serenade? just pay the wandering guitar player.

Two typical tacos stand setup, one on a corner of a lot, the other one just in front of your home.

A very professional churros set-up! Emma just for your standards we tried them and they tasted AMAZING…


This is our favorite “tienda”, the owner does all the receipts by hand at the speed of light without calculator and he is honest. You can notice the dirt floor, shady roof, and a few cats to keep the vermin under control, there is not a lot of tourists here. Where do they go shopping? Two streets over at the Hawaiian store, where the prices are a lot higher for the same product, though admittedly it is well displayed with a few Costco products. Let’s just say that Maria had a good laugh when we mentioned it and said: “It’s just for snobs and we are not gringos!”.

The view from where we get internet nowdays, it’s getting better! We sit on the pavement in front of the bus terminal.

And this last one is for you Alfredo; your “paletas” are still the best thank you so much for gifting us with the care package at our departure. You know, the ones in Melaque are horrible, we are spoiled now!…

Benjamin’s flavor is Oreo, Valerie’s is strawberry, and Laurent’s is Guajanabana or Soursop in English, en francais corossol.