Time for a Fiesta

Another busy day in Guadalajara with the fiesta spirit not too far! Indeed it was the beginning of the weekend and we all geared for a good time. First Paco and I went around to find some of the items on our list with mixed luck, then we picked up the Cochon de lait in order to cook it at his restaurant. There we met a friend of him from Cuba and started the party at his home, now I know where the 0.1% live in Mexico, one word “Wow”. Benjamin and Valerie went with our hosts to the fiesta del Libro,  this is the largest event of the year in Guadalajara the world come to visit; this year, Israel was the guest country.



Our future host country, Ecuador.

Esther and Valerie having a blast in the kitchen.

Dinner is served, what a treat to be re-united with the two families that we met in Tenacatita.  We were spoiled with some Cuban and Mexican dishes, wine and a little Tequila. Thank you so much for such hospitality.

And what the kids doing?

On their social media with internet of course after going to a movie.