Still in Zihuatanejo

One could say we fell in love with Zihuatanejo quickly, as it has been able to retain enough local characters and adapted well to the tourist industry in architecture. To add to the fact the market is better than “Alibaba’s cave” with its wonderful vegetables and fruits a real treat. Although this morning we witnessed the meat delivery, and this one is enough to get you off the fence on vegetarianism in a hurry or make you stay vegetarian for a long time, give us two minutes and you will see what we are talking about…

Our Christmas was low profile this year, Santa Claus didn’t find us on his route… bizarre, skype was not working properly so no communication with the exterior world and we were not that energetic on the 25th! Indeed, only one Margarita and half a bottle of wine… We went for a visit to Ixtapa, which was a waste of time really, a town built for its tourism not the true Mexico and there was not even a good chandlery. We cooked onboard a nice dinner on the 24th with the traditional fixings adapted to the local culture; went out for Chinese on the big birthday, read books and Benjamin enjoyed the hospitality of the resort, even getting invited to the tequila testing! If we knew his parents we would have a word with them, unbelievable…

Finally Thomas, we had a blast blowing the city up, we were not the only ones, all night we could hear the sound of firecrackers throughout the city. We may have to buy a few more when you join us.

California or Mexico, no difference same price 50 pesos a beer in a resort local bar 16 pesos

Valet parking 3 deep, somebody is making money today.

The pink shirts are not Lacoste’s shade!! No comments needed, but if only we could render the smell.

Aah Lovely greens!