In Zihuatanejo

As you have gathered by now our trip to Zihuatanejo was a slow one, the winds were mild (6-10 knots), becoming light every 6 hours for a couple of hours. Living us with a bit of waves forcing the sails to flap, no choice but the diesel came out of retirement to avoid the shock load on the equipment… Arrgh talk about finding the right balance between the heart wrenching noise of slapping sails and the motor, c’est la vie! This time around we have tried to become a bit more disciplined with the night watches, and would you believe it? It has enabled all of us to have a good sleep, which always assuredly makes for a happy crew! Valerie seems to overcome the seasickness after 2 days a huge bonus for the moral, and Benjamin turns into a little mouse at night! Hands down he keeps eating during his watches in the end we had to ration the cookie jar! Well you are up to date with the gossips onboard Letitgo and we are now anchored in Zihuatanejo: a cute bay tucked in the mountain filled with trees and perched gringo houses more beautiful than the others.

After a quick rest and a shower we went in town, and what a luxury we had for our arrival in the dinghy: a valet parking, all you need to do is get your feet wet! They bring it up to the beach for you and launch it on your way back for a tip. This morning, the check in at the “capitania” was a little more formal than normal. The port Captain was actually happy to fill in his paperwork, a novelty to us. Usually a quick radio call is enough when it gets answered!

Once we got out of the tourist zone which was a bit of a shock as we had not seen one like this since Cabos San Lucas! Let us describe you: The tourist zone has the most beautiful pavements, nicely painted buildings, well organized pretty boutiques and the vendors all speak English and are non-pushy! In the end, you know they received some intense training from the tourist office. But once more all you need to do is: Think outside the box, just walk a few blocks out of that Mexico/Disney Land and you will discover the true colors of Zihuatanejo! Our first observation was the change of complexion of the locals, shorter height and darker skin. We have entered an agricultural region rich in fruits and fresh produces, the delivery trucks come right from the fields and old ladies have their stands with few grown goods for sale. Truth be told this is not something we have encountered much while in the North part. The Mandarins here are divine, the jicamas are fresh and sweet, the grapefruits are full of sweet aromas as you haven’t tasted in years, the oranges well they taste like orange, we had our first batch of strawberries all in all it is a fresh surprise to our palate.

Yet at the six o’clock stroke, our own lights were getting a little dimmer in our brain so we retreated toward our berths. In no time we fell asleep for a good night rest of about…. Should we tell you? Well, 12 hours straight….

This one is for our nephew Thomas!

We immediately thought of you when we discovered all this collection of firecrackers

We might get some for you?!…

And the last one is for our little mermaid: Emma

See, we never forget that we have a daughter somewhere in the cold north.

Have a look at what we found for you.

The ultimate Pinata!