Getting close with the windlass…

Or how do you gain knowledge on Electrical Motor?

The answer is quite simple really, because you are faced with your daily reality and need to learn fast if you don’t want to bring the 200Kg of chain up by hand, you read well BY hand! Unfortunately this is a process we have had to repeat a little too often in our last departure. And as you can imagine it is frustrating and worrying for those who have to watch or who have to take this herculean effort; yet again it gives one the occasional relief of burst of bad words and a good push in the testosterone department!… Yet at the same token this issue enables you to make new friends in neighborhood you would have never known otherwise this is what we call “faire d’une pierre deux coups” or kill two birds with one stone, nonetheless quite efficient.

Evidently, our previous attempts in repairing the intermittence was not successful, so with that said we got in action knee deep, head first in the chain locker under the sun and dripping like poor souls, are you starting to feel sorry for us? No? Thought so… Do you recognize this tanned body in the background, that’s right this is Benjamin kindly offering his cheerful help to remove the gear oil! This was rather generous of him one might think; truthfully we just caught him on time before launching his kayak and escaping the heat… Nice try, dear Boy! We are getting to know your tricks with age and needless to say we were quite happy to have a set of spare hands and muscles, so thank you for that Ben! Once this task completed, we opened the beast and discovered a rather large washer floating around… How did this happen? This is another mystery. Yet this little floater was not the culprit, just a mistake from two years ago… oops. The motor even on its own was still not re-starting only randomly. At this point by 5pm, I realized that my competence had reached its limit you see with an $800 motor only available in the states and from Italy; I resorted to other competent hands, and electrician or mechanic!

On the way inland, we pickup up a panga driver who indicated the general direction of the mechanics’ neighborhood. One nice thing In Mexico is that you will often find businesses of similar trades still all grouped together within a few blocks. A taxi ride would have been too easy, so I decided to walk with this heavy load to the bus stop then wonder in the general direction, still not feeling sorry for us? That what I thought! After 45 minutes, I found myself in the company of the son’s owner and the engine in a wise grip. Usually at this point in time, you expect to be told to come back in two days, nope not in this fantastic country. Immediately, this young man started to open it and we quickly discovered a brush that was stuck to its housing. Long story short, after an hour and 250 pesos (gringo price but I got a class on electrical motor out of it) I was back on the road for a well deserved tacos, and hopefully a longer lasting repair… Fingers crossed, touch wood, burn a candle, pray for us or whatever you believe in, we will take it!

Alison few weeks ago you asked: “How do you manage with all the repairs, without going back to Canada?” Now you know!