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It has been 4 days since we have been back onboard and it has been hard to get back to normal. The partying mixed with a big city feel and finally the travel through the mountains just got to us more than we thought. Nonetheless we haven’t stopped, we moved Letitgo back to Melaque because being in the lagoon felt more like being in a prison! Unfortunately when anchored there we realized we can’t swim, we can’t make water, and we can hear the barnacles attaching themselves to the hulls… And most of all Barra is not Melaque. Now, that a lot more boats have reached their winter playground we are meeting new people. Indeed we have been fortunate to cross path with friends from Vancouver, we received one of Benjamin’s teacher onboard and had an enjoyable lunch, and we met another boat from Quebec so we got our fill of French speaking evening and of course once back in town there was a fiesta! What more could we ask for really? But for now it’s fix up time on Letitgo: the solar panel controller has decided to stop letting the “amps” coming in, stopping once in a while at its own will. Clearly it is not practical when you rely heavily on this source of power to recharge the batteries, so we have ordered another one… Easy enough we just needed a big cheque. The windlass engine is going intermittent on us a bit more often than we like it to, so we will have to dismantle it in Zihuatanejo and will have it checked out since Benjamin complains that his delicate hands are too fragile to handle the chain “mano a la mano”! To top it all the thermo switch on the water-maker has been tripping more than a hippy in the 60’s, so we had to cut his supplies. The list looks impressive and long, but for 1 1/4 year of non-stop cruising we are still considering ourselves lucky. In the middle of this, we have been able to get a few tamales in our tummy, enjoy a performance of a local Ballet folkloric including belly dancing (we will admit that it was a little strange in a small catholic village in the middle of Mexico!) we have witnessed the arrival of an Ocean swimming race, re-provisioned, cleaned the hulls and slept long nights with a sparkling of siestas. Now we are waiting for the wind to come from the North with conviction to head South under sail, Zihuatanejo here we come for Christmas, new territory new water we look forward to discovering new horizon again.


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  1. trippin’ more then hippies in the 60s…I sense Benji here…hmm….too funny x

  2. No on my own sorry, but for sure could have been

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