Daily life and the love of food…

The port captain was not in a good mood today, apparently his Christmas present was not up to his standard… And when I asked about it, he promptly left us for 10 minutes for a walk on the pier, oups! No problem, we just sat and smiled reading at the official notice and learning the subtlety of the new legislation’s “termite book” for the merchant navy. Finally he came back with an aide and we were very officially cleared out of his jurisdiction by him. Two stamps, a hand written official looking report number, his signature and three photocopies, this was done the old school way like we haven’t seen since clearing into Ensenada. This is why we always attend any bureaucratic event the two of us, Valerie’s charm and patience keep my character in line avoiding any problems, although lately having all the time in the world enables my patience to extend a little or is it?

On our walk to the market, we met friends from Vancouver who were in the same trade in our previous life. Promptly we made plans for a dinner on Letitgo, no better time than try our hands on Tamales without the master’s oversight. We are happy to report that they came out superb; they just needed 5 more minutes of cooking in the pressure cooker to be absolutely perfect.

Life stopped for a few hours and we were reminded of how fortunate we are to live the life we dreamt of… it is always good to have reminders like this, not that we ever doubt it though!

At this point we are not sure if we will be able to leave tomorrow… Then again it’s Friday we never leave port on a Friday, life is good…


Lime margarita

Jicama with spice and lime

Salad of cherry tomatoes and Thai basil

Ceviche of Mahi-Mahi

Spinach and cheese Tamales

Carnitas with homemade tortillas


All this served with a nice chilled white wine from Italy compliment of Janet and Bob, Thank you

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  1. such a hard life…..jeeeeeeeez!!!!
    diet of pizza here…. (HA i wish)

  2. not easy but we survive

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