Anchored in Acapulco

As my sister told us so well, Acapulco for Christmas is overrated so last year! What about Bahia de Puerto Marques for New-Year, Sophie? Arriving just before sunset last night, we discovered the bay with a good 40 motor boats from the nearest marinas, zooming around us! There are not many small pangas but big Sunseeker and other types for men who have more money than sense and who love women in flashy bikini lounging up front… Nothing else to add…

Sharing the anchorage with us is only one other long distance cruising sailboat (fear not we have many skidoos around and motor boats to keep us company…), having said that we have definitely passed the usual point of normal cruising for Pacific Mexico and big news we finally passed the 100 West latitude longitude for the first time! Indeed we are anchored at 16.47 N 99.50 W only 16 deg above the Equator! We are currently awaiting a window for the next 200 miles trip; we need just a bit more wind.

Today will be relaxation and exploration of the nearest shore in search of a gas station. Those are the challenge of our life, no machete needed but we never know what adventure lay in front of us….