An anniversary to celebrate

We understand your concern, it’s been a long time we haven’t had a blog post without music and dance topped up with a bit of folklore in Mexico. Fear not last night was the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Zihuatanejo de Azuerta. That’s right, you need to add De Azuerta to make it the official name, they didn’t think of the tourist brochure in those days. There was a bit of commotion for the preparation in the streets and we saw the stage being assembled during the day so we asked, 5pm was the given time. Perfect! We will be there at 7pm that should be good enough; we arrived just in time for the second speech and took prime seats which turned out to be very valuable. The state cultural minister was around and came with the official folkloric ballet. What a treat, one hour of multiple costumes of the best quality with lots of dance we had never seen before even the music was slightly different, we even had the privilege to listen to one dance with the musical instruments on stage. If you ever want to write a thesis on the Mexican folklore, we have now a better understanding of the multitude regional nuances, and it is not an easy task…

The event was policed by men from all sectors of the army, local police and state police, which seemed a little bit spooky at first with their automatic weapon and a finger on the trigger, but the two local high ranked militaries were part of the officials present. Flowers necklace were offered to the officials along with an offering of tequila shot presented by one of the dancer clearly one way to keep the first row enthusiastic for your performance (one disclaimer the military officers refused all offerings and drinks…)

Let’s studies the differences, there will be at a later date a video as well, no worries!

This is the blanket dance with the ever present red handkerchief

This is a more explicit dance where the man takes the woman dress in his mouth.

Below the woman covers her head while the man covers himself with the blanket.

We can notice all the different colors and shapes in the dress, and headbands all more colorful than the other

This one is a demonstration of the handkerchief with the classic dress.

Below a more Aztec type dress with all embroideries made by hand too!

Of course with all this partying our appetite had grown bigger and there is nothing better than a great burger.

Vegetarian please don’t read the ingredients…

Meat patty, slice ham, bacon, caramelized onion, tomato, avocado, cabbage, pineapple, mushroom, two types of cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, for 35 pesos.