A room with the view!


While in Melaque we were fortunate as the sea was gentle with us, we didn’t get any major swell to land the dinghy for four consecutive days, what a treat! But during the night we felt it growing and could hear the noise of the crashing waves on the beach. This was a perfect timing for us as we had planned to move to the lagoon and settle Letitgo before our departure to Guadalajara.

Barra Navidad: You may remember this location from our luxurious celebration of 6 months cruising. Well, this time we are taking the backpacker option and lodging at the hostel. We are in the lagoon a wide bay that surrounds us by 350 degrees, filled with green vegetations and multiple birds singing, flying nets fishermen, on a mirror still water with a few mosquitosssss from 6pm to 7pm (at sun down).

Since you are all avid readers of the blog now, when you hear the word luxurious resort you can’t help but think of Benjamin! Let us assure you that as soon as we had dropped anchor, English class was over and he had his moppet kayak in the water, he had decided to enjoy discreetly the comfort of the resort. Returning 4 hours later with the smile of a pampered Prince, he had unlimited speedy internet in luxurious surrounding, at his usual floor by the hot tub; needless to add he felt right at home! (Sadly we don’t have any pics to share, there were no paparazzi…)

As for us luxury is a lot simpler, a call on the radio and we ordered our baguettes and “pain au chocolat” for breakfast. We were just on time for the first delivery of the season, Aymeric made it at 9.00am, our coffee was hot, the baguettes were delicious and the view from the terrace was divine! Not bad for a backpacking dive…