Anchored in Acapulco

As my sister told us so well, Acapulco for Christmas is overrated so last year! What about Bahia de Puerto Marques for New-Year, Sophie? Arriving just before sunset last night, we discovered the bay with a good 40 motor boats from the nearest marinas, zooming around us! There are not many small pangas but big […]

Still in Zihuatanejo

One could say we fell in love with Zihuatanejo quickly, as it has been able to retain enough local characters and adapted well to the tourist industry in architecture. To add to the fact the market is better than “Alibaba’s cave” with its wonderful vegetables and fruits a real treat. Although this morning we witnessed […]

An anniversary to celebrate

We understand your concern, it’s been a long time we haven’t had a blog post without music and dance topped up with a bit of folklore in Mexico. Fear not last night was the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Zihuatanejo de Azuerta. That’s right, you need to add De Azuerta to make it the […]

A day in the life of a teenager

Life is not always easy for a cruising teenager travelling with his parents, but some time luck shines on you or somebody takes pity. Thanks to Danny, Benjamin got to learn how to dinghy-surf, and might we add it didn’t take long for our ice skating champion to master the technique and zoom around the […]

Life onboard

Since we are on the roll with the repairs and maintenance, nothing is stopping us now! The windlass is reinstalled and has been tested with success so it is time to tackle another one of the upmost importance grinder, our pepper mill. If we compare, it is much lighter but since the last maintenance it […]

Getting close with the windlass…

Or how do you gain knowledge on Electrical Motor? The answer is quite simple really, because you are faced with your daily reality and need to learn fast if you don’t want to bring the 200Kg of chain up by hand, you read well BY hand! Unfortunately this is a process we have had to […]