Visiting Topolobampo

A quick dinghy ride to Club Nautico, and we were on land for an excursion around town. The taxi spotted us right away in the industrial port and tried to make a run for us. His faux-pas was telling us the price in US dollars, we explained him that 2 kilometers walk is a great thing when you have been on a boat for 2 days… On our way to town we discovered a nice and peaceful atmosphere; the fishermen were mending the nets while laughing and telling stories, the food-counters were opened and busy with locals, there was a dance shown from the high school and finally the weekly market.

We indulged with a whole fried fish and shrimp ceviches, walked around in the hill side streets, ate some churros (Emma! they were really good…).

Back home, our trusted banda Ancha connected us fast with internet, and we were able to get our weather forecast: we should have some nice wind to bring us all the way to Mazatlan in the next two days. We have already made contact there to see if we can get our sail car repaired unfortunately the strong track system may not be that easy to install on our mast…

The perfect image of Mexico. CNN should use it instead of drug war ones.

Emma did we tell you that the churros were good.

Shrimp fisherman, you can see the pole on the side dragging the nets.

shrimper night