Believe or not, we finally let go of the dock lines from Guaymas! We left about two days ago, a gentle wind pushed us South with no major seas. It was a very enjoyable trip that took us to Topolobampo, we couldn’t have planned it better arriving at high tide just before the rain and the last breath of air. Actually who says planning, in fact our original destination was Altata, but as always when you travel on a sailboat sometimes you have to make adjustment… We had done our research and had found the recent waypoints from trusted sources and heard few stories with touching the bottom, hence high tide was a good thing! We were guided by a well marked channel, all the way to the anchorage outside the Club Nautico, we never even saw under 20 feet of depth. Local information reveal that the secondary channel is brand new.

We had a little surprise on our arrival as our mainsail didn’t want to go down; the head car had been playing tricks for a while but this time it was a little more vicious than usual. Nothing we can’t deal with though, the only “hic” was that for the first time I went up the mast not tied to a dock, making the platform a little more unstable. And let me tell you that the larger boats such as the shrimpers make a beautiful wake, from sea level all the way up there!! Not so idyllic…. I had a few items to check from the “to do” list which required to be up in the air, so we now have a perfect bird spike re-glued, a line is re-installed at the spreader and I have the measurement for the mast head pulley. All in all a good day, now we will need to see what we are going to do with the track… (to be continued)

Here are a few pics, time to go to bed now to recover from watching too many TV series overnight.