Regular or Plus

A quick hop and we left the peacefulness of Tenacatita for Melaque, another city we have thoroughly enjoyed during our spring venue. After anchoring in front of the defunct “hotel Melaque”, we made a straight bee line for the bus station. Emma, we must admit it was an emotional time for us, when we saw the churros stand of your love again; but enough with the tears, we have to get to work we have some reservations and decisions to make tonight!

Truly we were on a mission, trying to analyze value for money in the bus system and it’s not as easy as it seems; especially when you haven’t used that type of transportation since living in the UK during the 90’s… With that said, for our upcoming trip to Guadalajara, we need to travel a bit; and there are four bus lines to get us there from here. Easy enough one might think, however this trip can take 4.5 hours to 7 hours depending on your choice. You see one option could be to ride on a chicken bus or similar to those in a South America backpacking like in the movie or option B you could travel in a Hollywood movie star bus with only 30 seat, air conditioned, toilets and a hostess onboard to welcome you. This quality difference evidently transfers in fare price which goes from $250 to $359 one way, decisions decisions… While we were orchestrating and ensuring that the timing was the most accommodating for our hosts via e-mail, we could see the ballet of buses coming in and out of the street and with that we noticed the difference between the rides. At this point my favorite wife quietly reminded us that: with the state of the road, the heat and a 6 hour ride, these might very well be good reasons to splurge for once…

Indeed, Laurent do you remember the regular rides we did from La Cruz to Puerto Vallarta: A 1 hr bus ride and how tired we were after it? Where is your sense of adventure? A chicken bus with multiple stops and local color might make for an enjoyable and memorable day! Non? Never mind, I lost that argument, as you can imagine… Although I still got the last word : “Yes dear! I just got the Primera Plus, you see only the best for you!

Decision Decision.

Benjamin with internet, doesn’t he look like he belongs here?

Another thing we have discovered in Mexico via the regular Telcel’s scam advertising- and text, it is the way they design their promotion. You see 10% or 20% for booking online or if you buy a return trip. Easy enough you imagine! Well you are wrong they have more rules and regulations than your IPod updated license agreement. And you have to work hard to get them, but after bugging the cashier multiple time, I was able to make sense of the fine print, actually the non-printed one since nothing is written anywhere. Nonetheless with a lovely cheeky smile she will be happy to tell you…

So here we are, our bookings are set and done, to go meet again the wonderful Gonzalez family from Thursday to Tuesday, in Guadalajara, we are so excited you have no idea!

Now this note is for our sweet Emma, she is in our thoughts often as you can all imagine. After this milestone, Emma what do you think was the next most appropriate thing to do? Yep, you’ve got it, we went around the plaza, then sat in front of our favorite “food truck” to eat at Maria’s “the queen of Western Mexico’s best Tamales”. As usual your Mum kept some room in her tummy for a piece of flan; from there we went to the dirt floor tienda for some fresh fruits and veggies. Now here is the best news ever, we have Maria’s family coming over for lunch tomorrow!!!