Onto a repair session…

We settled in marina Fonatur for three days, to enable Rick to come and have a look at the damaged car we have now in our hand. As per the photo below, the signs are clear of why it couldn’t stay on the rail anymore. Also we can see where the beads were getting stuck before we totally destroyed it. By mid-afternoon, we took the decision to install a second headboard a little further down the sail and use the next car until we find a way to get a new one. Apparently this is a fairly common problem for the Lagoon that sail in stronger wind often, the headboard being attached directly to the car transfers lots of load and ends up destroying it. On our side, well this is a lesson learned. From now on chicken gybe in strong wind it will be whenever necessary, and we’ll keep a close regular eye on that top one.

We did another piece of maintenance but on the blog this time, we switched hosting provider. This is why you may have seen some posts appearing and disappearing, though it looks like from this moment on we should be all good for three years!

Still we had the courage and time to sneak in town for a tour of the old city and enjoy our favorite Carne Asada in all Mexico.

In the middle of all this, Benjamin still finds time for homework and relaxation, he knows too well that club Nautico is coming soon.