November 2nd and the Pan de Muertos

Today is a day to remember and mark on your calendar: we all woke up with an alarm at 6am to be ready for 7 and travel to San Carlos! Why, as you may wonder? There was a boater’s garage sale, and although we didn’t find any treasure in someone else’s junk, we met few friends and can now confirm that Guaymas is the place to be if you just need a good re-provisioning and not live here with your car for 6 months of the year or need all Americana around you. Truly this was a nice break before finishing the re-install of the high pressure pump for the water-maker; miraculously once tested there was no more leak, please let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way for a while.

After a well-deserved siesta, we made our way back to the square to find the local restaurant school who was trying to break a world record for the most baked “Pan de Muertos”, without hesitation we joined the lineup and tasted some wonderful egg bread. While we were enjoying it we starting a conversation with the director of the institution, and discovered a well-rounded program very similar to the one we took a few years back in France. We now have an appointment with the school for a visit on Monday.

The rest of the evening was spent among the best food stalls and discovering a new one making empanadas live, a real treat. We embraced leisurely walks around the square, people watching and the general atmosphere really, the crowd was thicker we even noticed few cans of beer appearing this time and once the music started we knew why! There it was, some of the best classic rocks were played from Pink Floyd to Sex Pistol; and you thought Mexico was only mariachi band did you? Head bangers were out in force, kids discovered that their mother could jibe and the grandmothers were moving like they always do when music play, clearly we had a blast!

A gang of Halloween party goer, sophisticated in the coordination.

Press pass not needed, you can enjoy the band 360.

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  1. Laurent, love your English but…if your lovely wife was dancing, not sailing, she would be doing the Jive, not Jibe! Thanks for making me smile!

  2. Dean, that way if we ever get kidnap you will know straight away if it us writing or not. I have done worth in big business meeting….

  3. How very true!!! I must always remember that your English is far superior to my French!!!

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