Not just relaxing…. repairing too, Pete!

It was a blur, just like the photo; though I do remember repairing the windlass before our departure. We were starting to get the warning signs, it was becoming intermittent again . The engineer at the manufacturer had advised me rightly, that small pieces of metal could interfere and give those symptoms. Bingo! There you have it again, exactly what I found when I opened it, one can only hope that it will last another 2 years before we have to do it again as this one is a pain to repair… Indeed, this job gives you a rib massage, but not the good kind! While we had the tools out, we measured the gooseneck in order to install a stainless steel sleeve once we find the right tubing.

And yes we have stuff breaking too on Letitgo, in fact one of the most used and sun exposed hatch lever gave way the other day. We exchanged it for one rarely used and added it to the list of Panama’s future purchases.

While on our dinghy ride back from the fish market, we passed by one of those machines, pure torture if you ask us… This one is just like the Bouvet- Guinea race , we learned that somebody else is crazy enough to go  from Spain to Cancun, let us introduce you to the most economical way to cross an ocean and on your own!


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  1. We too are full of repairs. We are in the midst of fixing something you do not need…the boat heater! It has not worked since we purchased the boat and now that we are here mostly full time, it is dam cold!!! The unit is now fixed and we have an exhaust leak, will work on that tomorrow…must wrap the important body parts up and stay warm!!!

  2. That right somebody mentioned that it’s cold up in our part of the wood, not to worry once you pass SF you don’t need it so make that fix just temporary come on down…

  3. Hi L & V,
    Paul & I have been following your blog since you departed Vancouver. Most enjoyable.
    Now that we are also fulltime cruisers, we hope you will follow our blog too. You will notice we moved up to a Lagoon for this adventure, like you.
    All the best,,

  4. Nice to see you made the jump and are our sailing away from the comfort zone. Good luck and comfortable travel on a beautiful boat.

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