La gastronomie

No worries we are not settling in Guaymas and looking for a job at the local culinary school. During our visit, what we found was a program of a very high caliber, the depth of the knowledge spectrum is to be complimented. The education business is a big one here; the middle class knows that if the offspring have any chance of succeeding, private school is a must. The cost is still very high; a four month module is worth 12000 pesos (knowing that a laborer earns 4000 a starting professional 10000 per month) and it takes 9 credits to get a diploma. You can see that the return on investment is marginal in the short term. The school is fairly young, only a year old but managed by a very dynamic team and after such a short period, they have already 55 students in two promotions.

Chef shared with us the process and methodology, which is very similar to our professional training with a touch of modernism. This visit re-enforced our conviction that Mexico will become a power house soon and the next two generations will blow North America standard off growth. Some will be left behind, but the one pulling the cart will do it with the help of global knowledge, we didn’t have 20 years ago. We wish them all the best in their career.

On the weather front, our patience paid off. The forecasted trajectory of the tropical storm was located where we were supposed to go on the coast for Mon 7am. There has been no major damage reported but still this is not a situation we want to be in… So, tomorrow is the day, we are cutting the lines again, even if we loved our stay here it’s time to move on we have other places to discover…