Back to the roots of cruising

We nearly had forgotten the feeling of not being alongside a city with all the distractions it offers. Thankfully in Tenacatita, we went back quickly to that perfect frame of mind and reconnected with what we love best: a life where time is readily available for anything and nothing. While Benjamin is studying hard and consistently, the rest of the family had time to clean the bottom of the boat, and in the end it was not as bad as we had anticipated after two months; and fresh bread is being made again. Additionally since the morning dew is so abundant in this area, I can indulge in my favorite pastime: a free fresh water boat wash. We told you life is simple, lately the big question has been what are we cooking for dinner?

For the rest of the day, a nice walk along the beach, a nice talk with our neighbor and Benjamin finds a way to get his mother worried sick when he decides to go Kayaking the mangrove for 4 hours without expletively telling her, without a radio and all alone. Will he be eaten by crocodile? Chased by the police in the restricted area? Or will he be back before the light goes down? The answers were as followed: No, No, and finally Yes! So for the aperitif Valerie decided to have a beer!

While his mother is worried…