Alors? Those repairs…

Well on the repair front, yesterday was a total bust, the stainless fabricator is apparently sick so we won’t be able to fix that mainsail car! We still can sail this will not stop us. But fear not, our three days at the marina were still fruitful, in fact we had plenty of time to use or more adequately abuse internet, get a few more boat shores done and Valerie made some perfect Baguettes with her Levain, Benjamin is moving along in Bio and English, life is good! As for the rest it was pretty uneventful for Letitgo.

On another front, we have just started to put in motion the research for our next haul out, next year would be perfect. We sent e-mail all over down the coast, researched where to buy the paint from Mexico to Ecuador. And admittedly this is one of the privileges of travelling our way, as you can pick the paint in Panama where it is cheaper, then get it painted in Ecuador where labor is affordable! Not bad. For this we need to have done our research ahead of time, as the family motto says : cool but organized! Let’s keep it that way.

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  1. Would Valerie be willing to share the recipe?


  2. Hello, hello Valerie, Laurent et Benjamin: Just want you to know that we are still following along, vicariously experiencing your adventures. We love the photos, the narrative — here in Kitsilano (you may vaguely remember the neighbourhood) all is well and happy. The coloured leaves are not yet all gone (but falling fast) and we know the rainy season is coming. Our thoughts turn to you often but then we can go to the blog…. What have we learned? For those of us who cannot manage to even run Laurent’s power washer without breaking it, we should stay on shore! Your adventures include learning a lot about things that must be maintained, repaired, replaced — Jane and Ross find sufficient challenges in maintaining a small condo on the shores of English Bay! Currently we have a light that doesn’t work…hmmm — not even changing the light bulb works. Also we had a ceramic mask fall from the wall and break. The pieces are still in a bag in Valerie’s room. She may find them on her next visit. You see the problem? We’re struggling to live without your ratatouille, and Ross asks, “Where is the duck confit with mac and cheese?”. He is getting very skinny, and I worry about him wasting away. All this to say — we miss you and admire your resilience and resourcefulness as you continue to discover what it means to be boat people. xoxox, Jane and Ross

  3. I am sure for you Bob i can pull some string.

  4. Thanks Jane and Ross, but like our Mexican friends always say it’s just a question of Dollar. I could fly home for a fixing/cooking session everything is possible on the right budget. And tell Ross that he could buy a great book in the big orange building called Home depot, Just do it sorry They can help wrong slogan.

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