A different planet…

We got transported to a major US/Canada city suburb today, compliments of not having my head on my shoulder. Yesterday was market day for the fresh produce run, so today we did a run to the supermarket via the hardware store. From Club Nautico it’s an easy 30-40 minutes ride on the Toreo bus. We were loaded like mules, and half way on the return trip, I realized that I had left the package we deposited at the counter, you see in Mexico you do not get in a shop with any previous shopping or large bag, you check them in and since we are not used to that or there were too many stimulation we left the store without it… but really that was not a problem, we went back to the boat and once we deposited the equivalent of our weekly shopping, we had a quick bite and went back on the bus to Mega.

Valerie still had some elusive items on a list, and we were advised to visit the bigger shopping center. Well! What a shock, we nearly had a heart attack… Indeed a Saturday afternoon at the Mall, what were we thinking? Truthfully we have never been big mall fans and even less on such a day, so we got overwhelmed quickly… The smell, the noise, the bright lights and the number of people and that consumerism fever was just too much, we couldn’t get out quick enough we had made a trip on another planet! But wait, not before we snap some pictures, we need to remember why we left all this, or do we?


IT is a skating rink!