Regular or Plus

A quick hop and we left the peacefulness of Tenacatita for Melaque, another city we have thoroughly enjoyed during our spring venue. After anchoring in front of the defunct “hotel Melaque”, we made a straight bee line for the bus station. Emma, we must admit it was an emotional time for us, when we saw […]

Back to the roots of cruising

We nearly had forgotten the feeling of not being alongside a city with all the distractions it offers. Thankfully in Tenacatita, we went back quickly to that perfect frame of mind and reconnected with what we love best: a life where time is readily available for anything and nothing. While Benjamin is studying hard and […]

Tenacatita’s quietude

Never forget that the photo flatten the bay surrounding us. As per the photo above you can see the entire bay is opened with no-one around, Tenacatita for yourself a real treat. Not so good for Benjamin’s ambition to play volleyball and to participate in any other organized activities, in this retirement village for cruisers […]

From la Cruz to Tenacatita

We couldn’t leave la Cruz before one last run to the Sunday market, there is simply the best baguette available there. Sorry Emma we didn’t find the bracelet we were looking for and didn’t fall for any of those knick-knacks we don’t need, patience… patience… Nonetheless, your dear Dad got up for a walk up […]

On ice-cream making.

It’s hard to get an old habit out of your head, let’s use a simple Mango Popsicle for example. If my brain says: “I would love one!” and you are like me addicted to ice cream and sorbet you will find a way to buy one. Strangely enough though in our part of the wood, […]

A celebration, just because…

For paperwork’s reasons we had decided to make a trip to the airport and thought it would be a good idea to run a few errands while at it. With that said, we left early in the morning and “jumped” in the “transportivo” en route to Puerto Vallarta’ airport. Unfortunately, the person who is really […]

At sea…

It is not so often that you hear about a perfect 180 miles, normally we relate horror stories and how the wind is always on the nose and the sails flapping with a “gut rentching” noise, for the last two overnights though we have been lucky and in the end it might not be pure […]