Last day in Guaymas. Or is it?

Guaymas has been our longest stay in a marina so far, ever since we left Point Roberts… Letitgo and its crew needed it, after 4 months of “wilderness”, we feel re-vitalized and pampered here or dare we say we are enjoying a bit of city life/vibe! We find Guaymas delightful, there is no tourist it is just a small authentic city with the everyday life of our welcoming country. Of course it is not so good for the budget, but it is what the doctor ordered!

So far, we have been fortunate to get a few rides to the big box store via vehicle, which enabled us to buy milk by the case… quite a treat when you normally slug it by hand in a dinghy. Here at the marina we have met a few seasonal cruisers who are currently putting their boat back in the water and by this we are reminded that a boat staying on the hard or not used gets abused by the hot weather. The market and tacos stands were visited few times, the streets roamed and our to-do list got re-written after such a productive time. We even had time to re-write and prepare our schedule for our upcoming trip up to Ecuador moving the process from a “post-it” to a full white page! We have exchanged e-mails with a boat just back from Machu Pichu and were able to obtain firsthand knowledge. Our main boat computer is even back to normal, the boat is now in tip top shape; we told you it has been a successful stay.

To celebrate those milestones, we went out for a fancy dinner last night. Where? To a Chinese restaurant of course… with fabric table-cloth, air conditioning, service and proper plate. We were all in need of exotic food, and to our surprise we were welcomed by a Chinese owner in Spanish with a strong Cantonese accent! Now you have to imagine how we had to keep our cool, and not burst out laughing, all those years in Vancouver trained us but this was a curve ball our brain took a minute to process. Needless to add it was all delicious and we all appreciated it. Still the plan was for us to depart this morning! But we are still here…. As Benjamin warned us last night: “You know, you should be careful this is how the La Paz lizard syndrome starts!!!…” Well on the other hand to our defense tomorrow is “El dia del muertos” Festival, really we can’t miss that!! And then the wind is coming from the wrong direction, contrary to the prediction… It’s starting to feel like we are planting roots at the dock and that green color is growing at the bottom… Before you know it, Christmas will be here, New-Year, Easter… Oh! Forget it we are out of here before the week-end, and at least at $12 a day it is not an expensive stay after all…


Dress Emma


And this photo is for you Emma!

Our little princess, we finally got you the dress you always wanted for Halloween…

Ok! Just charge us that therapy session later in life.


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