It’s been three days of overstimulation.

Even if the surroundings are tranquil and authentic, our senses are in overdrive and over stimulated. Guaymas has offered few activities from classical music, a squid festival to cage fighting, needless to say the last one was not on our to see list! The constant movement of people, the market with beautiful brightly colored vegetables and fresh fruits, the lights at night and so many people buzzing and living around us, makes for a bit or re-adaption on our side and certainly keeps us busy!

So what have we done in the last 3 days? We walked around town of course, Skyped with our Family and close Friends like maniacs, made lists of things to do and to buy, took an upgrading private hairdressing class for Valerie, thanks Pam for sharing your expertise and knowledge, from now on Benjamin and I will have nicer transitioned haircuts. We also spent some money at the optician for new lenses for Valerie and a new frame for Laurent (It is a bonus to know you have spares) and we repaired Valerie’s sunglasses as well, no more monkey glue (Gorilla tape for the DYI expert, close enough) holding it together… Overall we have been doing all the little things that unlimited power and water enables, and finally we have Letitgo’s main computer back on track. Benjamin is also making the most of easy access to internet and has now started his English class. Phew… busy bees we are.

And on the computer chapter, I am now converted to Linux sorry Thienus… All you need is available at the right price! I even got Airmail to connect and work with the Ham radio. Is it easy? No, as you have to learn a complete new way of thinking. Does it require programming skill? Not really, the online support is just amazing, people have had the same problem before; all you really need is a strong internet signal and time. We are 99.9% back to where we were before the crash (Good thing I had done some backup 2 days prior to the incident); so far the only thing I can’t get to work is to publish this post directly.

This was a beautiful concert of amazing children, 287 of them.

In the chapter of the things you need to have because they are great on paper but not in real life: Silicone anything, it is true it is practical since it is foldable and easy to tidy, but know that after a year of UV and heat they fall apart. In other words save the money or use silicon for other packaging such as those under a tinny bathing suit… oops, couldn’t resist!

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  1. And here I was about to send you a Windows 8.1 CD 🙂

  2. I knew I would get you to write something.

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