It’s been a year.

One year ago yesterday, we became useless to the economic society. By this we mean, we don’t produce anything that generates a movement of money in our capitalist culture. And you know what? We feel good about it, we are happy to report that the symptoms of dependency subsided quickly and after a year we have no regret in experimenting with such a completely stupid idea.

But it’s not as easy as it look, at first you are in chock of not having to wake up with a routine, then you realize that no money is migrating toward your bank account, finally for some your entire world crumbles because you don’t have that work gratification thingy. Let us reassure you, fortunately we have never felt that way, indeed due to so many recessions in our life time, we never got attached to that concept. But for now everything is normal, well as much as the letitgo household can be really.

Still, our first year of retirement was full of surprises, emotions and unexpected development. It was our first step of adaptation to a new life, we are happy to have been in Mexico where life is easy; cruising is good and the anchorage no far from one and another.

What’s with Benjamin in the photo? Well when the SPA at the Shangri-La is too far you adapt mud from the flat bed of Coronado’s island which makes for a smooth sink. For those wondering with his lack of smile, as it hardens you can’t move your skin one inch! According to our one and only Spa director…