Damn it, it’s 7am!

Oh! It was a perfect Sunday morning, we were anchored on smooth sea, and the sun was just showing its first ray. We didn’t have to go to church, no family for lunch, no redoing the electrical harness of the water maker, because you did it yesterday. In other word we should be relaxing in peace on our pillow, just like two bratwursts on a bed of sauerkraut… Unfortunately it was not the case, we got invaded and it started early, damned it!!!

Question for you: Why do you have to come with your small embarkation and 200 HP so close? Don’t you have the rest of the bay for bait fishing? Why so much music so loud? Shouldn’t you be hangover from all the beer you drank last night with your pals, while comparing notes on the wives and trying to outdo each other in the fart department? And the answer is obviously no, because we seem to be located next to the time square of mackerel living, in a 10 mile radius. At least the locals laugh sing and are jovial. But the Yankees have to be so loud, exchange dirty jokes from one boat to another, “Roger this and that”; they play Jimmy Buffet’s music and have the need to bring a film crew with him. You think we are making this up, aren’t you?

So if you are watching the fishing network, you should be ashamed to sponsor such a war machine and get a life too by the way! They have been ruining the peace of this nest for lovebird just so this baseball wearing knuckled head can explain to his 6 viewers that the mackerels make good bait, and they love the shaded side of sailboat in the morning. We know that as we hear them smash onto the hulls all night, and everybody knows that fact, don’t they.

Still trying to make the lemonade out of lime, my genius mind came up with a full proof plan: get Valerie to go on deck and practice her Yoga, that would be a good way to increase the probability of us receiving a 20 kilos Yellow tail by 2pm! Never mind my request was denied as soon as I started saying “would it be a great idea if….” So it will be pasta and tomato sauce for dinner son, life is really not fair. And now that we are up a request for French toast has just been suggested, done deal we will go fishing later too.