A U.N Celebration.

The UN is apparently getting celebrated this week, for the occasion school children were drafted and got to dress up in all kinds of country costume. After a few minutes we were able to locate both of our country, France being the original and Canada our adopted one.

Yes we know the flag is the opposite way which gives it a real charm, and wouldn’t you say this young man looked stunning.

As for Valerie she is still going hard at it, add to the previous list a drawstring backpack bag for Benjamin, Emma don’t be jealous.

Still the devotion and interlude of the day was a trip to get some food and everyday’s item back on the boat. When at breakfast you don’t have butter, jam or peanut butter you know it’s time. We were offered a ride to Wallmart, and couldn’t refuse. We broke all records, no impulse shopping we had a detailed list, but fell for the bottle of Orangina and Perrier! It still took 2 carts and a credit card receipt equivalent to 1.5 time our expenses of last month or 6608 pesos…