Ayers rock on devil night

Sitting at the marina and enjoying the sunset we cannot resist a small photo session, and Ayers rock is revealing itself before our eyes… No we haven’t made it to Australia overnight but it sure could look a bit like that, we are still dreamers after all! Realistically though it was more devils’ night that […]

A U.N Celebration.

The UN is apparently getting celebrated this week, for the occasion school children were drafted and got to dress up in all kinds of country costume. After a few minutes we were able to locate both of our country, France being the original and Canada our adopted one. Yes we know the flag is the […]

Marina life…

Remember, we had crossed path with “Cat” a few days ago, thanks to their perfect cruiser reflex with the camera! We learn something everyday day, next time we will reciprocate. But life is not always sailing with wind in the fabric, sometimes you need to pause and work a little! And on the maintenance topic […]

Guaymas la belle…

We have settled down, even got used to look when we cross the street, made five loads of laundry and I succeeded in crashing en beaute might we add, my perfectly good computer all this under one day. For the geeks, I was removing my partition after teaching myself how to use Linux to investigate […]

We blew a hose!

After an enjoyable night and morning, we pulled anchor to move to Guaymas. In the middle of the bay, another Catamaran was coming toward us, we crossed path and were able to exchange a few sentences with friends from Vancouver, small world small indeed. Well, until we reach the entrance of the harbor and called […]

3 am video update

What are you doing up at 3 am while tied to a dock? no reason for this non-sense… Of course not, except that we live in a great country, where sense of urgency is present! Well that is, if you are setting up a political rally concert half a mile away and have to do […]

San Carlos first stop.

After the perfect crossing, we only needed one tack with just enough wind to propel us across but not enough to create wind wave just perfect, we arrived at sunset in Shangri La Coves in San Carlos. We are definitely back in a world driven with more money, as one of the first signs we […]