Power of the internet

A mere mention of our bug issue on this humble blog and they are gone! Gone for the last 3 days now and it makes for such a nice stay. We can only conclude that the weight of the internet and keeping a perfect corporate image has enabled this to happen.

We haven’t had to change room again, even if a presidential suite upgrade sounded really nice, just saying… Come on! Who doesn’t appreciate higher thread count and air conditioning? In the last three evenings, we have been able to enjoy the sunset; dinner candle lit “al Fresco”, watching the stars with shooting stars. Those are mostly enjoyable nights, even more so when they are uninterrupted by scratching or by the “oh so familiar now” buzzing sound of the mosquito playing near our ear! Life is back to normal and up to our standards; thank you dear general Manager.

The hurricanes have been mellow so far, IVO went directly to the west and the next one is already brewing south of Manzanillo. The ability to produce one after another is just inconceivable, in fact we had never heard of this phenomenon on the US or Canadian news. This is maybe why they are no island from Mexico to the Marquesas (ok a couple 350 miles out), which leaves clear slate for their destruction.

What else can we tell you of our jammed pack days? Weather reports checking first thing in the morning, breakfast followed by a swim or a snorkel around the reef next door, those can be permutated if needed. Then the big decisions are to be taken, a book a movie and what’s for lunch? From then on we are just coasting the afternoon, enjoying the shade. Valerie, we may need to do the monthly preventive maintenance list one of these days, yes we should it’s the 4th Sept after all! What’s next? I don’t know what’s for dinner? Oh time for a backgammon game, another swim a chat while watching the sunset and it is then time for the chubasco report. Well the sun is down, who’s on dishwashing duty?

Not me I did it last! Okay, time for bed, see you in 12-14 hours, but we may need to lighten the schedule, we are over doing it don’t you think? As for the bug, we haven’t had rain for the last four days, but lots of sun. Plus the presence of wind kept them on shore, still thank you to whoever is responsible.

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