We are going to Alcatraz.

After a week of blissful social events, in fact we had three dinners with somebody else than the usual Letitgo crew around the table, many visits paired with activity. We decided that our sanity needed some nature and loneliness. This is easy around here, you don’t need to pay for a reclusive hideout, all you […]

L’ouragan Manuel:

This message is purely dedicated to our family back home, who has heard about the tragedy in Acapulco. Ce message est dedie a notre famille en France. L’ouragan Manuel qui a devaste sauvagement la cote d’Acapulco est situe au Sud du Mexique, nous en sommes tres loin a peu pres a 1 600km. Nous sommes […]

One week of “That”

We’ve been here a week in civilization, after the usual re-pro. and reconnection, what have we done? Socialized on an amazing boat, home built no engine all in wood 60 feet schooner no crew and well sailed. An art that is disappearing in our days and age, quickly. Met one great crew and shared some […]

Away we were…

After two weeks away from any form of civilization, it feels good to be back in even one the most remote village. Yes, we still enjoy each other company, even if for Benjamin those maybe “big” words, still it’s nice to not feel like a survivor from an apocalyptic situation. How often in your life […]