We bought Santa Rosalia

As the title indicates at the moment it feels like if we have purchased the city. Indeed for the last two days, we have been roaming the streets, we made five provisioning trips. Got the boat all squared off, and we even tackled the monthly list for preventive maintenance! Fortunately amongst all that we found time for a bit of socializing.

Why such rush to provision? Well, in fact Santa Rosalia is going to be our last major center that we will be visiting for a while, for the rest of the next two and half months we will be confined to the northern portion of the Sea, and tiny villages. You still can find the basic items such as fruits and vegetables, but anything frivolous, read not used by the locals but only gringos and the price tag climbs rather steeply, or it is just inexistent… The other reason behind all of this is that we wanted to test our ability to provision for an extended period. We wanted to validate our list and see if we can ensure survival when we cross a larger ocean, so there is more to come on that subject I guess! At this point you would normally see a picture of a wife in the middle of the boat surrounded by a large amount of pastas and cans, but we will spare you, instead you will get a show of our organized pantry compliments of Valerie. I won’t include a picture of the freezer though, just so we don’t tick off anybody about the ice-cream and then get boarded…

This gives you a feel for the town, like we said very European. The French company, who managed the mine for years, didn’t treat their employees very well, so we have been keeping our French heritage quiet, but discovered that it has been mostly forgotten and in fact they are proud to say that they had electricity, railroad and more before the mainland.

No it’s not my girlfriend in a box, but UHT milk

No much more we can get in those lockers, there is a layer of three boxes under.

And my girlfiend again…

At last the essential food group, fish protein.

What? Do you think, I am drinking those? No it’s for exchange and fishing lure. And we loose lots of those up North, well, that’s what we heard.

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  1. I would gladly trade you a fishing lure (if I have any left!) for some Pacificos. We miss you guys and all the fun times we had while cruising together. Hope you enjoy the northern part of the Sea of Cortez. BTW…how is Benjamin holding out? HA! Not many five star resorts way up there are there? Oh well, he’s a survivor, I’m sure he’ll find something to occupy his time. Until we meet again…au revoir!


  2. We miss you too, haven’t found an other boat with guncle to have a good laugh and great brunch. Ben is surviving, we even got a 4 starts resort in the sea

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