One year to the day

One year ago, we were eating a pizza with our friends Dawn and Tom in Blaine saying our good byes and bon voyage wishes which was our first port of call. At that time we had no idea what was coming up next, we didn’t know what to expect… Were we going to be able to sell our business, were we going to make it past the graveyard of the Pacific?

So many unknown data, well here is the report a year after: tonight we are in one of the most remote part of Mexico in the Sea of Cortez at our northern point. More precisely at the top of Isla angel de la Guardia full of meanings, Puerto Refugio West bight to be exact. There is not another boat in sight, we are alone with the towering peaks of brown and orange colours surrounding Letitgo.

Today was a mixed bag of feelings, not all the crew was on the same page, which rendered a communication difficulty… Yes it happens! We departed La Gringa early (at 8:30 still can’t hack it) to maximize our chances of making the forty miles during day light, and let’s just say we got a little more than we bargained for. Instead of the optimistic 10 hour planned (the sea is not known for strong continuous wind), we made it in 7 hour flat out with no engine time, not bad! We had an average of 15-23 knots of wind which would have put us in a delicate frame of mind a year ago.

Instead this time, we took it with starve and even if the sea was not the nicest to everyone’s stomach, our anxiety level has dropped quite a ways; indeed what was worrying us a year ago is well evaporated. Of course there are still some precautionary move that needed attending such as reefing early to avoid getting caught into too much wind…

In the last few days, we feel Mother Nature has been giving us the final exam on our sailing abilities,in fact yesterday we had to tack multiple times in 18 knots to make it to the anchorage without engine, dodging islands and reefs in the process, it was a pure sailing day at its best and we love it! On a side note: The new navionic charts are spot on even in less traveled places for Mexico. Our most precious moment of the day was the dolphin show we witnessed, it was a grand finale celebration; there were hundred’s of them, from young to full adult who came jumping in mid channel to our delight. After that we got rained hard on but escaped the worse of it all whilst Baja LA probably got it all, we sailed through a very narrow pass by our standard. We had to release a fish as we were negotiating with strong winds, by the way a great trick to get rid of your seasickness and put your mind at ease… But what can we say, there is always something new, and unexpected.

Which leads to our next question: Where will we be next year? Your predictions are as good as ours…

Hopefully somewhere south, warm and floating on our Lagoon 380…


Refugio sunset

1 year las gringas