It’s Full moon party in La Gringa.

You may not have noticed but last night was full moon and in the Northern sea of Cortez, it means two things: A party with floats competition and ability to beach your boat due to the high tide. We are talking 10 ft difference, when the rest of Mexico is 2-4 ft max. Benjamin insisted that we come to the party, so we did for the harmony of Letitgo. You see a “costume” competition is not something he can let pass by without a fair fight.

The rules are simple bring a float and raft down the “river” created by the tide draining the lagoon. Our offspring decided on a shipwreck theme and went all out in costume and makeup, next time that’s for Halloween you are stuck! Permanent markers are perfect for that beard, sea water takes it off nicely after 2 hours, and you learn so much cruising…

On the photo below you will see the winning home built design from Gravel, a beer throne, able to support a full size adult with ease. At the award ceremony, Gravel took his division with no challenge. As for Benjamin, they created a new category (costume!) of course due to the lack of buoyancy device to judge! What can we say, fitting in the mold has never been his force, and we are proud of him for that.

As for us we relaxed onboard, attempted to swim with one of the 3 whale sharks present in the neighborhood without luck for Valerie yet, even if she swam fast. Not to worry they are all over the area, another opportunity will present itself soon. Today we will be moving to a more protected anchorage due to the high wind, coming toward us for the end of the week.

Ben Shipwreck

Ben ready for action