Urban myth confirmed

For the last two nights we have stayed in fairly narrow anchorages, with barely enough space for us to fit.

Unfortunately this leaves us with very little margin of drag in case of “squall” read chubasco for the ones looking for the exact term! Of course we got a taste of it last night, a little one but enough to give us the incentive to move and not push our luck further… Let’s just say that at the first sound of wind we both “bolted” out of bed, and slept outside…

So here we are in a new place in Ensenada el Quelmado, it is a larger bay with ample room to swing on 240 feet of chain and still drag a fair bit if we are pushed; hopefully we will have a better sleep tonight? But we would have left Baja las Animas before a walk on the beach and a quick dive; the barren mountain dropping directly into the sea gives is a gorgeous snorkeling spot.


Letitgo Anima slot

 toward online

We all heard about the story:”Honey! There is a snake in the toilet!” Well we can tell you it’s true. Yesterday, our sea water input from the toilet was blocked; I quickly jumped over board to check the through hull but it didn’t show light on the mystery. A few screwdriver turns on the other hand revealed the cupid, a Panamic Fanged Blenny juvenile had decided to go for a trip up the intake, reducing his life expectancy in the process, and giving me something to do for 30 minutes. Poor little guy. 

Sneaky fidh