Finally in the desert.

The coyotes are howling at night, the cicadas are chirping for the first time bringing back lovely childhood memories. Even the vegetation and the fishes have changed just a little to be noticeable. We are truly in the North part of the Sea of Cortez, now above 28 degrees.

In fact, the fishermen seem to have vanished; here we are in our new playground for the next two and a half months. No one is complaining, between catching up with friends, snorkeling, doing a new course for grade 11 for Benjamin, here is to new routine! We have now been resting for two days after our night sail, and we are truly enjoying being at anchor once again.

We really discover that our maximum time is four days in a Marina, may be a fifth to rest before departure. But not more after that we get restless and need the freedom associated with being swinging from a chain. Writing this I just realized that a chain is not normally associated with freedom, ironic isn’t it? Then again our life is different so why not…

Nonetheless, we are still productive in a way: Emma you will be happy to know that we’ve got the Ariel II and a ton of new movies, including every James Bond and Top Gun, well that you don’t care really but we have a few good ones for you. Plus another 2400 books and 10 gb of music. All this nicely classified and labelled, one afternoon of work.

May be in a few years, we will work on the OCD part of our bad habit… may be? Well better get ready for our guests tonight, Valerie made a quiche Lorraine and some crepes Suzette. I can’t wait to share our fish story; you should have seen the one I got this morning 1 meter long at least… And what about the pulpo? Nah too much ink!