Arrived in Bahia De los Angeles Village.

Since there was not much greens left in our fridge it was time to make a move to town; indeed Letitgo with no greens is not a fun environment… Our expectations were off a small settlement, and to our surprise we discovered a thriving village with more restaurants than customers! Bonus, we even found the tacos stand for our dinner, surrounded by locals, welcome to LA.

Prior to this enlightenment, we had 2-3 hours of magic spinnaker ride. It was a picture perfect day, also called “The magazine perfect sail”; all the elements were there and even good opportunities to sale or buy a boat! Okay, okay you get the picture. Having said that all the yachts we crossed path with, were under motor… The wind was at around 5-7 knots and in the right direction for all. Why were they not sailing you may wonder? Plain amazing to us, so we canvassed to find the reasons. Are you ready to hear why some of our colleagues don’t raise their sail?

  • It’s too hard (read too much work) to raise them for only 9 miles so, I just prefer motoring.
  • My batteries need a recharge so, I just prefer motoring.
  • I can’t achieve 4 knots so, I just prefer motoring.
  • We love the honesty: I am too lazy so, I just prefer motoring.
  • I don’t know how to use my spinnaker so, I just prefer motoring.
  • Our favorite: you never know when the wind will increase so, we just prefer motoring. This one left us… perplex!

Those are the responses we got; we didn’t make it up, and once you scratch the surface you get to the root of the problem. Simply, people are not ready to make an effort for the reward; it takes a bit of determination to achieve something, in other words nothing has changed from land life. And this brings us back to one of the first advice we received from a seasoned cruiser a few years ago: don’t just buy it, train with what you have, set up your boat for comfort the rest is all about attitude. We couldn’t agree more after a year of cruising. To enjoy cruising it takes a little effort, nobody will serve it to you on a silver plate, and then you have lots of room to do whatever you like.

If you have been following our blog for a while now, you know that: we say what we mean and we mean what we say! This is the pact we made 4 years ago when we started our journey: no rosy lenses or fake sunshine, just plain reality of cruising and life really. Edit: After penning this post I read one from friends in French Polynesia who refers to the level of unhappiness of some boat, so we are not the only ones observing it.

On another note: Some of you may not know that, at this time we send all blog posts via our Ham radio to keep everybody aware of our “where about”. This is bringing us back to the prehistoric time of modem; hence there are no pictures and only text. Once we arrive in a modern setting we upload them and reformate the post. With that said: we would like to thank KE7XO in Las Vegas, for a great setup enabling this fit of voodoo magic.