Fall in Mexico?

Fall in Mexico? How come? Well that’s the way it feels for us right now anyway… Okay, there are some variations here, we are in Mexico let’s not forget that. And we came all the way here for this beautiful spectacle, at this very moment we are waiting for the leaves to turn orange and […]

Benjamin exploring Isla Coronado

Once the system was behind us with less fervor than anticipated, Benjamin went for some hikes. As the picture show you it looks a bit different once we get water around here! The greenery was magic especially when you have only seen barren rocks for the last few months. We even had some real rain […]

Los Angeles village

We have taken residence in our summer quarter; and have therefore explored the village of Los Angeles. We now know which tienda is the most competitive, what facilities are offered and where the happening places are. We will be able to survive for the next 2 months, until the hurricane season is coming to an […]

A word on Nothing?

A word on nothing, and nothing to say really… Nothing to say is already a long sentence to summarize the activities around this boat at the moment. Life has come to a standstill in the last 3 days, we have dropped the anchor and have all been absorbed by the ability to do nothing. We […]

Urban myth confirmed

For the last two nights we have stayed in fairly narrow anchorages, with barely enough space for us to fit. Unfortunately this leaves us with very little margin of drag in case of “squall” read chubasco for the ones looking for the exact term! Of course we got a taste of it last night, a […]